Introduction flights

To share our passion for flying, we invite you to an unforgettable flight in the vicinity of Poznan. Our offer is directed not only for aviation enthusiasts, but also for people who want to experience a sky-high adventure, completely different from that offered by airlines. The organization of small flights directed at families, friends, colleagues and acquaintances is our specialty. You want to give someone a fantastic gift, spend some time together at the weekend with your family, propose in the air, or organize one of the attractions at the party – we’ll be happy to help!

Available dates: We only fly in daylight. During the “flying season” (from April to October), we provide flights subject to appropriate meteorological conditions. We prefer weekend dates.

Outside the “flying season”, we do not fly seaplanes. There is possibility of organizing a flight with Cessna 152 and Cessna 172 aircraft, however, due to winter weather conditions, and thus a limited number of flying days, one should reckon with the possibility of multiple postponement of the flight date.

The flight: Take-off and landing at the Żerniki airport. The flight takes place around the city of Poznań in the immediate vicinity of the Krzesiny military airport.

Terms of flight: Conducting the flight depends on the prevailing meteorological conditions and the current flow of air traffic in the controlled zone. Airport Biernat reserves the right to change the date and time of flight for reasons beyond its control. Then a new flight date with the customer will be set. Airport Biernat also reserves the right to refuse to perform a flight in the event of exceeding the maximum take-off mass of aircraft for a given flight.

Terms of participation: No medical contraindications to fly. Minors require the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

Reservations should be made on a business day during business hours of the Żerniki airport office (Mon-Fri 7-16), preferably several days in advance. The day before the agreed date, we will contact you to confirm the possibility of flying on a given day.

Tips for participants: We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and sunglasses. Taking pictures is allowed. Accompanying persons are welcome at the airport.

Following flight options are available:

Aircraft type: Cessna 152 Cessna 172 Cessna 172 / Husky floatplane
Maximum passengers on board: 1 3 2*
Half-hour flight price: 600 PLN 900 PLN 1 200 PLN

Please check our fleet!

* – the total mass of passengers must not exceed 160 kg.

1) The flight time may be longer. It is possible to buy e.g., an hourly flight.
2) The offer includes the purchase of the all available passenger seats in given flight – we do not sell particular passenger seats.
3) For people particularly interested in piloting and aviation training we are also able to offer an introductory flight training lecture with an instructor. Additional cost is 200 PLN gross, duration 30 minutes.
4) The given flight time is a block time, used in aviation (starts with starting the engine and ends with switching it off)

Flight safety is our priority. We carry out flights legally based on the certificate of the Approved Aviation Training Organization granted by the Civil Aviation Authority in Poland. We guarantee that all our aircraft are maintained in certified serviced organizations, undergo regular inspections as well as audits and meet all stringent training requirements covered by applicable regulations.

Flights are carried out by pilots with instructor qualifications, who work every day in our training organization as flight instructors.

Flight for a gift: We also offer the option of buying a gift form (voucher) with the name, surname and dedication of the recipient. To purchase a voucher, please contact the Żerniki airport office.

Payment methods: We only accept cash payments on Żerniki airport.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Żerniki airport office directly.