Radio communications

Radio communications

Radio communications must be always established with Krzesiny TWR at 121.025 before each VFR flight. Aviation radio communications examples:

  • before departure from Zerniki:

SP-ROD “Krzesiny Tower, SP-ROD, Cessna 172, Zerniki,  request for VFR flight to EPPK” 

Krzesiny  TWR „SP-ROD, Krzesiny TWR, no traffic, wind 060 05kt CAVOK, QNH 1013, report    airborn”

SP-ROD „QNH 1013, will report airborn, SP-ROD”

  • before arrival to Zerniki:

SP-ROD „Krzesiny TWR, SP-ROD, Cessna 172, 1NM East from MCTR, request for landing in Zerniki“

Krzesiny TWR  „SP-ROD, Krzesiny TWR, no traffic, clear to enter control space, wind in Krzesiny 060 05kt CAVOK, QNH 1013, report on ground”

SP-ROD „QNH 1013, will report on ground, SP-ROD”