Airport Biernat is a private airfield in Zerniki Gadki located only 15 minutes from the center of city of Poznan, with concrete surface and lighted runway used in two directions 06 and 24, recommended for all types of aircrafts with mass below 5700 kg. The airfield has its own hotel, restaurant, conference room, parking place and the fuel station for aircrafts. A very attractive localization and infrastructure makes that place a perfect proposition for people travelling by car or aircraft. Airport Biernat offers a plane and car rental but also helps to organize business meetings, events and trainings. An access to the center of Poznan takes much less time from Zerniki than from Poznan Lawica Airport EPPO. The best recommendation is a fact that we are trusted by many businessmen, companies, aircraft’s owners and pilots. We help to save time and money by offering the lowest prices and high quality services. If you are interested in our offer do not hesitate to ask. Please, check our new website to find more information about us and visit Airport Biernat to make your dream come true.