NVFR training

After obtaining LAPL(A) or PPL(A) pilot may use its privileges during daylight only. To be able to perform flights at night, additional training is required to be entitled to perform NVFR night flights, which after its completion will be entered into the license indefinitely. The training consists of a theoretical and practical part, however there are no additional state exams. After completing the training, candidate submits an application to his aviation authority for a new license entitlement (license exchange is mandatory).

Entry requirements for candidates:

  • holding LAPL(A) or PPL(A),
  • valid medical – appropriate to license held


Training dates:
Organization of theoretical and practical training in our center is possible at any time, 365 days a year.

Theoretical training:
Theoretical training consists of 5 hours of lectures at our airport. Theoretical training is usually organized directly before the start of practical training. The lectures are focused on differences between day and night flights, including legal issues and human performance. It is also a great opportunity to supplement your general aviation knowledge. The theoretical training price applies to individual classes conducted by an aviation training instructor and is:

Type of training Number of training hours: Total cost (gross):
NVFR theoretical training 5 hours of stationary training 1 540 PLN

Practical training:
Our NVFR rating program, in accordance with Part.FCL assumes at least 5 FH including one cross country flight with instructor and five solo take-offs and landings. Our airport is adapted for night flights.

Practical training cost:

Aircraft type: Hourly rate (gross):
Cessna 152 816 PLN
Cessna 172 1 194 PLN

Please see our fleet!

1) It is possible to change the type of aircraft during practical training.
2) The price of practical training includes instructor, fuel and VAT.
3) At our airport we do not charge any additional fees for take-offs and landings.
4) Payment for practical training is usually made in a 10-hour cycle (“10 hours ahead”).

Duration of training:
Practical training usually takes 2-3 nights.

WARNING! In accordance with Part.FCL aviation personnel licensing regulations, each aircraft class training may not last more than six months from the commencement of the training to the date of taking the practical test.

If you have any additional questions, concerns or would like to start training, please contact the Żerniki airport office!